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Our Summer Picks

At last, it’s summer! Warm days, long evenings… life just feels a little easier in the summer.

Summer is the perfect time to eat and drink al fresco and savor light and fresh dishes like bright salads and seafood. While cider is often associated with the holidays, there are bright, crisp ciders that can match any rosé for sultry summer sipping, al fresco. Here are just a few of our favorites

Tilted Shed Lost Orchard Dry Cider

There really is a lost orchard in Sonoma County, CA. When you take a sip, you can imagine the sunny meadow surrounded by overgrown and forgotten apple trees. This is a bone dry golden cider that evokes earthy, green notes and tastes more savory than sweet. We love drinking this one on a warm afternoon under the trees just as the light turns gold.

South Hill Packbasket Sparkling

Summer is the time to get off the beaten path and you couldn’t have a better cider friend for wild exploring than Packbasket, which is made from wild apples, foraged and gathered by hand in the hedgerows and forests of the Finger Lakes region of New York. This is a dry, sparkling cider that truly captures terroir - the spirit of a place in a glass. Roam through notes of orange blossom and grapefruit, lemon and leafy aromas balanced by a wet minerality.

Alpenfire Glow

Let’s make one thing clear: not all rosé ciders are the same. Some get their pretty pink hue from flowers or other fruit. Not so with Glow. This is a gem of a cider. The coral rosy hue comes from special red fleshed apples. Light strawberry aromas are balanced by soft tannins and a dry finish that make it pair beautifully with food. A perfect star for al fresco dining

Liberty Newtown Pippin SV

A tasty education. Newtown Pippins are one of the most beloved cider apples and this cider shows off why. This subtly sparkling, single varietal cider is dry yet bursts with tropical fruit notes and aromas of lemon and mandarin peel. Pop this is a tote bag and take it to a sunny picnic.

Orchard Hill Verde

Can cider be happy? We think so. This is the friendliest of ciders. Fresh, zingy and with a touch of sweetness. Enjoy the floral aroma and notes of lemon zest and grapefruit. Swap out your Sauv Blanc, and give this a try. An absolute crowd pleaser.