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Luscious Ciders For Long Summer Days

When the days are long and lazy, it feels like the time to kick back with a bottle of something a little luscious and fruity.

Inspired by the perfectly ripe peaches that are – at last – in season, we are sharing our favorite fine cider bottles that capture that lingering, juicy moment. Hope you have a hammock to swing in while sipping these luscious gems.

Slyboro La Sainte Terre

Opulence. That says it all. Winner of the 2017 Good Food Award, this is a semi-sweet and sparkling cider made with a splash of ice cider to give it a burst of rich sweetness that’s quickly matched by a deeper acidity. Get lost in notes of mango, pineapple and clementine. The perfect bottle for a celebration with friends – but you’ll need a half a case. This luscious cider is very, very drinkable.

Snowdrift Orchard Select

Summer in a bottle, literally. There’s a reason, for that. The apples that go into this bottle are grown under the hot central Washington sun. As a result, they develop intense fruity flavors that shine through fermentation and aging. Semi-dry, distinctly bright and yet full of body. You’ll taste notes of bright rhubarb, summer peach, smooth honeydew melon and sweet Rainier cherries. We sip this one with our eyes closed and the sun on our face and just meditate on life’s goodness.

Eaglemount Rhubarb Cider

A sassy cider – semi-sweet with a twang. Eaglemount combines sustainably grown heirloom apples with rhubarb that Jim & Trudy personally grow on their 1883 homestead to create this one-of-a-kind, sparkling, specialty cider. The enchanting golden rose color is a natural result of the rhubarb, which gives this sparkling cider a tartness that is balanced by an elegant tannic structure. Stick your nose in the glass and take a whiff and feel the sun. Perfect for happy, lazy day drinking.

Tilted Shed New England Style Barrel-Aged Cider

An oldie (inspired) but oh so goodie. Based on a colonial-era recipe, this is a luscious and robust cider that is dry, yet full of fruit aromas. Made with organic, dry-farmed apples that are aged in neutral oak barrels and bottle conditioned with organic brown sugar, this bubbly cider is a dream for a long day of sipping and dreaming about how much better things were back in the old days (a summer weekend without email? Ahhhh…).

South Hill Pommeau

Want to kick it up a notch? It’s time to try pommeau. What’s that? A traditional French aperitif that is a combination of apple brandy and apple cider. In other words, an irresistible, boozy and rich treat. South Hill’s Pommeau has the same glowing amber hue of the late afternoon sun and tastes like heaven. After months of aging, it has lovely notes of honey, amaretto and sun-warmed plum. Drizzle it over ice cream for the ultimate summer decadence.