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How We Got Started

Hi, I’m Annie B, the Founder of Cider in Love.
Nice to meet you, friend!

During the year and a half it has taken to build and launch Cider in Love, I have often been asked what inspired me to create this business. So if you’re interested, I thought I would share my story. If not, just hop right into checking out the good stuff by browsing here. At the end of day, it’s all about delicious artisanal ciders.

I have always been a passionate fan of cider. Back in college, I studied abroad in Ireland and after graduation, I worked in London – both countries with a rich history and deep appreciation of cider. Then a couple years ago, I visited Normandy, France, and traveled the Route du Cidre. What’s that? A 40k route that winds through ancient villages and beautiful orchards scattered with small farms where you can stop and taste the local ciders. I was enchanted.

I knew there were incredible American ciders with this level of fine wine-like quality. But finding them was like bumping into a long-lost friend on the subway. Amazing but rare. Then in the fall of 2016, my husband and I spent a weekend in the Hudson Valley of New York. On our first night, we went to a lovely farm-to-table restaurant and tasted an eye-opening crisp, dry and nuanced cider. The server told us it was made locally, so we spent the next two days scouring every bottle shop to buy more. Nothing. Couldn’t find anything by the same maker.

That was my a-ha: a pure moment of consumer rage. I wanted what I wanted, now. Why couldn’t I get it?

And as simple as that, I fell down the rabbit’s hole.

I knew there were incredible American ciders with this level of fine wine-like quality. But finding them was like bumping into a long-lost friend on the subway. Amazing but rare.

I spent 18 months researching and learning about the world of American cider and the regulatory environment. I wanted to create a curated digital destination for this world of fine, artisanal heritage ciders which I felt wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. I embraced my old student life again – studying and researching and talking to anyone who’d share their valuable time. All while holding onto my day job which had me hopping onto planes every other week. I could see the opportunity ahead and decided to take the leap. I left my job and a career in a different industry to make this concept a reality.

At last, I finally had the time to meet inspiring cider makers. I took long, cold and rainy road trips on the East and West coasts to see where the magic happens. I visited orchards, foraged for apples and sat in the farm kitchens of talented heritage cider makers – tasting and talking with some of the most intelligent, warm and creative people I could imagine. They are the true artists who elevate the apple into art.

That’s how I got here. By asking for advice, listening to experts, trusting my gut and letting the cider lead me.

I fell in love with the artistry of cider. My passion is to share these unique, hard-to-find, surprising, creative and nuanced heritage ciders with a new audience.

I hope you follow me down the rabbit’s hole… and fall in love too.