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Meet the thoughtful, passionate and deliberate makers behind some of the best fine, heritage ciders in the US.

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Learn how to sip & savor fine cider! Pairing suggestions, how-to-guides, recipes and more!

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Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of fine, heritage cider! Learn about what makes cider unique and its delicious & rich history.

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How it Works

What we’re all about & how we do it.

At Cider in Love, it is our mission to introduce fine artisanal ciders to new and passionate fans. We curate a selection of incredible, hard-to-find heritage ciders from makers across the country and make it easy to order direct from the cidery to your door. It’s a straight line from the orchard to the bottle to you.

The Power of Collaboration

We wouldn’t be here without the wonderful cideries and makers that have partnered with us. Our mission is to introduce their extraordinary products to a wider audience and folks just like you. When they succeed, so do we. We believe the more attention paid to the delicious and nuanced world of heritage cider, the better for us all. The makers, the marketers, the farmers, the restaurants and beyond.

However you discover fine cider… in a bistro or a bottle shop; at a farmstand or friend’s; in a box with a fox…. We are just happy you found it. Welcome!

How it Works

We are online curators. Cider in Love is an online marketing platform and a passion advocate. We don’t make the cider. We don’t ship the cider. Our name is not on the bottle. Instead, we find incredible cider makers who are crafting fine, heritage ciders and connect them with new fans. We make it easy to shop for these hard-to-find beauties directly from the makers through our site.

We have created a single streamlined checkout process. In a single cart, you can purchase from multiple cideries from across the country. Your order goes to each cidery directly. Your credit card is charged by each cidery in your cart. Think Etsy for fine cider. The cidery reviews your order and processes and ships it. Your cider will be coming from the farm. Literally.

So how do we make money? We charge the cidery a small marketing fee. The vast majority of every sale goes to the maker.

What This Means for You

You are shopping directly from the farm and the maker. It doesn’t’ get more authentic than that.

If you haven’t been able to tour the cideries around the Finger Lakes or the Puget Sound, this is the next best thing. (And hey, shopping in your pajamas at home is pretty good).

Cider in Love allows you to shop from farmer artists making their living from the land. The best cider is often made in exquisite rural places… that are far from big urban markets. It’s hard for folks to visit. It’s hard for makers to travel a lot. They have a farm to run, after all. So we are giving them a virtual megaphone.

That means that Cider in Love doesn’t operate like Amazon. You can’t combine ciders from multiple cideries into one box. There is no warehouse or distribution center. Ciders from different cideries are actually shipping from different orchards. Kinda cool when you think about it.

Heritage ciders are made with a focus on cider-specific apples, usually in small batches, and require a significant investment of time and dollars to create a bottle of the highest quality. That’s why they aren’t the same price as the bottle in six pack.

Our tip for getting the most from your cider cart is to buy a few extra bottles from the cidery you want to try. Shipping costs lower significantly per bottle when you ship a six pack or a case. Sip more, save more!

And explore! Try different cideries. Sip from different regions. Get a sense for how diverse the world of fine, heritage cider is.

Drink up!