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Fall Flavor Pairings

Tis the season for apple picking, pumpkin carving… and of course, heritage cider!

Autumn’s delicious flavors naturally go with a harvest tipple like cider and the best pairings don’t need to be fancy. Get some inspiration for your next dinner with our easy suggestions straight from the farmer’s market.

Brussel Sprouts

Cider & brussel sprouts belong together... But not just any cider. You want a bottle that makes brussel-sprouts sproutier. (Is that a word? It should be a word.) We love Kingston Black from Slyboro. It's award-winning balance of juicy flavor, acidity and umami flavors brings out the earthy goodness of sprouts.


Delicate and stunning to behold. The rich creamy sweetness of figs shines against a crisp and zesty cider like Orchard Hill’s Verde. Ying to yang.


We love a delicate pairing to match subtle flavors of pears – which are pome fruit, like apples. Snowdrift’s Dry Cider is the perfect match. Made like an English-style cider, it’s subtle with whispers of citrus and toffee that match the creaminess of pears.


The sweet, earthy flavors of roasted beets are one of the highlights of fall & winter. To showcase these ruby gems, you want a heritage cider that echoes natural earthy sweetness of beets but is crisp enough to contrast their robust flavor. South Hill Bluegrass Russet fits the bill perfectly. Made in the Charmat method, this is a bright sparkling cider that is both crisp and aromatic and gives beets the elegant canvas they need to shine.

Sweet potatoes

We love bringing out the earthy sweetness of sweet potatoes with a sweet ice cider, like Slyboro Ice Harvest. Its natural honey and fruit aromas come from the freezing fresh cider to concentrate its flavors. Paired together, this ice cider makes roasted sweet potatoes taste almost caramelized.


Iconic for good reason – pumpkin flavors simply capture fall vibes. Sweet, rich, earthy and creamy, pumpkin needs a robust partner that can hold its own. Liberty's Stonewall is barrel-aged, luscious and robust. Aged in Dry Fly™ whiskey barrels, this cider serves up scents and flavors reminiscent of vanilla, ripe apple, coconut and toasted oak. It is full of flavor yet dry, allowing pumpkin’s natural sweetness to shine.