Snowdrift Cider Co.

East Wenatchee, WA
Snowdrift Cider Co.

A Family of Apple Growers

For generations, our family has been raising apples under stunning views of Washington’s Cascade Range, enjoying the vast range of flavors from different apple varieties—but at the turn of the millennium we discovered a different world of apples. Cider apples! Full of tannins, colors and flavors we had never experienced before, these flavors lept into our world and pulled us ever further into the exploration of all that this delicious fruit can offer. From small, astringent crabapples to gigantic, tart Bramleys, we discovered a new breadth in an orchardist’s flavor palette, and set to work stewarding these flavors through fermentation & aging in order to bring forth a new dimension to what our family orchard had to offer: delicious ciders of all types!



Our Cider Philosophy

Our fascination with apples touches everything we do. The sights, sounds, flavors and aromas of the orchards are soaked deep into our souls, and wrapped with fond memories of everything from smelling the fresh blooms in spring, to delighting in the hot sun and crisp snap of ripe apples in summer & fall, to skiing through the quiet peace of the orchard with a fresh blanket of snow. It’s all THIS that we’re trying to capture in a bottle of cider—it’s too good not to share. And when combined with the complexity of flavors our 40+ varieties of cider apples produce, the experience goes even deeper as they impart unique aromas, nuance and textures to each glass of cider.

The Makers

Tim Larsen

As Cider Maker at Snowdrift, Tim’s passion is making ciders that express the delicacy and nuance of apples grown specifically for cider making. His cider making philosophy begins with the trees and is always rooted in the bounty of the orchard. He firmly believes in using apples with intent – and that every apple has a natural and unique character that can be unlocked, given enough time. His personal favorite apples varieties are Nehou, Harry Master’s Jersey, Yarlington Mill and Dabinett.

Peter Ringsrud

A lifetime orchardist, Peter has almost always lived and worked on an orchard with the exception of a few years following college when he received his degree in Civil Engineering. Snowdrift was Peter’s vision, after retiring as the Douglas County Engineer. His dream has always been to bring more value to the land and orchard that he loves. In his “retirement” Peter now manages the orchards for both commercial growing and for Snowdrift Cider.

About the Orchard

Our orchard is set against a dramatic backdrop of basalt cliffs in sunny East Wenatchee. We’ve been growing apples here for over 30 years, and recently we’ve added several cider varieties to the mix. Varieties such as Dabinett, Foxwhelp, Golden Russet, Brown’s, Wickson Crab, and others contribute their unique flavors to our ciders.

The sights, sounds, flavors and aromas of the orchards are soaked deep into our souls.

Tim Larsen