Slyboro Ciderhouse

Granville, NY
Slyboro Ciderhouse

Heritage + Artistry

We approach cider making through the lens of the history around us. Slyboro is the name of the tucked away hamlet where our farm was founded. Our first apple trees were planted here in the 1880s. Our vision is to explore the creative possibilities of cider from dry, still and tannic, to voluptuous and sweet. We run a small, dynamic farm, cider house and farmstand in the foothills of the Adirondacks. Our orchard, Hicks Orchard, continues a tradition of direct connection with our local community that dates back to 1905. Our ciders come primarily from fruit grown and fermented on our farm.



Unlocking the Potential of Apples

We believe cider making is an art and we enjoy reintroducing the nearly lost craft of traditional American cider to our neighbors across the region. Just as grapes are transformed by fermentation into wine, our ciders are fermented from our own orchard-grown apples. We work to unlock the full potential of the fruit by blending just the right varietals, like paints on a canvas. We produce a distinctive range of ciders that allow us to explore different cider making techniques including cryo-fermentation, fruit blending, and working with distilled spirits. Our mission is to reclaim cider as America’s favorite drink.

The Makers

Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson brings the artist’s creative impulse to cider making from his broad-ranging background including time spent with graphic arts, professional cooking, massage therapy, carpentry and more. His talents are inspired by a spirit of continual learning. Dan is also an active leader of the broader cider community and serves on the boards of the United States Association of Cider Makers and the New York Cider Association.

Our Historic Orchard

We are so proud that Hicks Orchard is New York’s oldest Pick-Your-Own farm. We are located in Granville, NY about 200 miles North of New York City. Several generations of the Hicks family have thrived here, growing a variety of tree fruits that supplied farm fresh products to the New York City area and were sold directly to farm visitors. By the late 1960s, the entire 90 acre crop of apples, pears, cherries and plums were sold directly to customers each harvest season. Now our U-Pick farm and the Slyboro Cider House draw visitors much of the year.

"We work to unlock the full potential of the fruit by blending just the right varietals, like paints on a canvas."

Dan Wilson

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