Liberty Ciderworks

Spokane, WA
Liberty Ciderworks

Apple as Inspiration

Located in the largest apple-growing region on the continent, Liberty Ciderworks is all about the apple, showcasing the diversity and wonders of locally grown fruit. From well-known apples like McIntosh and Jonathan to rare, cider-specific fruit like Kingston Black and Dabinett, Liberty ciders put apples in their proper place: front and center.

We started Liberty Ciderworks in 2013 with a simple, two-part mission. To use apples from local farms and fields to create unique, wonderful ciders. And to share our ciders with friends and neighbors across the great Pacific Northwest. And now beyond.

Welcome to the cider revolution!



Cider as Art

To us, cider is a form of art, expressing apples, yeasts, topography and climate – and perhaps even more, the care it takes to grow exceptional, cider-worthy fruit. It’s a philosophy that we hope becomes contagious. We believe in an approach to cider that honors global styles and traditions, but is adapted to our own culture and landscapes.

About Our Apples & Crabapples

We are based in Spokane, WA and we source the vast majority of our fruit from two tiny, family-run farms in an amazing, farm-rich region known as “The Palouse”. As a result of growing practices, climate, and rich soil conditions, our ciders begin with exceptionally sweet juice – leading to alcohol levels a little higher than typical of most ciders. By chance (and necessity, at the outset) we’ve helped pioneer the use of crabapples, both in blended ciders and as stand-alone ciders. We are passionate about small-batch, single-varietal ciders too, the unique flavor profiles are often amazing!

The Makers

Austin Dickey

For Austin, making cider was the natural next step after discovering it on a trip to the UK years ago. Since we’re practically swimming in apples here in Washington State, he began making it as a hobby. He paired up with Rick and shared a passion for cider that is rooted in the beverage itself, and in sharing our passion with others.

Rick Hastings

Rick found cider when his brother had to give up beer, leading to their discovery of UK and French cider imports. With a bit of instruction from Austin, Rick’s cider-making became an obsession – from book-learning to visits with many of the region’s pioneering cider makers, studies under world-renowned instructor Peter Mitchell, to awards in international competitions.

To us, cider is a form of art.

Rick Hastings & Austin Dickey