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Port Townsend, WA
Eaglemount Winery & Cidery

Homesteader Tradition

We are following in the tradition of the original Washington State homesteaders who planted a cider orchard on our property when it was first settled in 1883. As the first cidery on the Olympic Peninsula, Eaglemount Cidery continues to use those heritage apples to create regionally inspired heritage and specialty ciders. For years, each harvest on the farm brought so many apples that we started making cider as a way to handle the bounty. It’s living on the land that turned us into cider makers as well as homesteaders. Everything we do is homemade, small batch and made with organic or sustainably grown fruit.



Inspired by Natural Winemaking

Our approach to cider making is inspired by the natural winemaking tradition. All the apples we use are heirloom varieties grown in our homestead orchard or other similarly managed farm orchards on the Olympic Peninsula. We source local organic fruit to create our unique specialty ciders, including the first Ginger Cider and Quince Cider. All the fruit we use is sustainably grown or certified organic and we use wild yeasts, minimal sulfites in our production. To minimize our environmental impact, we have established water conservation practices and reuse bottles when we can. We also have a special resource that helps us make great ciders: an underground cellar that naturally maintains the right temperature and humidity for barrel storage all year round.

An Orchard from 1883

Our farm is a homestead that dates back to 1883 on the Olympic Peninsula. It is our inspiration. The original orchard was planted in 1883 and is still producing! As we expanded, we planted English and French cider apple orchards and found other old orchards with heirloom apple varieties to use. We even kept the original old log cabin on the property – though we’ve made some updates along the way!

The Makers

Trudy Davis

Trudy balances two roles: cider maker and manager. She has a science degree and loved experimenting fermenting fruit since moving to the farm in 1996. After packing every square foot of Jim’s woodshop with barrels and carboys filled with cider, she started working at a winery that specialized in fruit wines to gain more experience. Her creative passion for experimentation and natural winemaking methods have made Eaglemount into what it is today.

Jim Davis

Jim is a retired longshoreman who works tirelessly as the engineer, inventor, and one-man fix-it crew at Eaglemount. In 1980, Jim found the farm that would become the Eaglemount homestead orchard. When most people would have just bulldozed the property, he rebuilt the foundation of the cabin on that farm and put in a new roof. It’s his vision that helped Eaglemount flourish as the homestead farm & orchard it has become.

"It’s living on the land that turned us into cider makers as well as homesteaders."

Trudy & Jim Davis

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