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Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of fine, heritage cider! Learn about what makes cider unique, its rich history and how we work.

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There are so many reasons… but we love that it offers an authentic connection to unique American landscapes. You can taste a time and place in a sip.

But there are many more reasons to love fine, heritage cider. Here are just our top 5.

1. Cider has a lower alcohol level than wine. Personally, we get a little sleepy after a couple glasses of wine, and beer isn’t everyone’s choice. Cider is the Goldilocks solve – universally appealing and not too strong. Hello, day drinking

2. Fine cider pairs with food spectacularly! It has more flexibility than either beer or wine. And it doesn’t overwhelm delicate, light dishes. Why? Its natural zesty acidity and endless flavor notes means there is a pairing for almost any dish. From a light, summery watermelon + feta salad, to Thai food, to hearty, cold-weather stews

3. Cider is naturally gluten free.

4. Fine heritage cider creates an authentic connection to the land and reflects a specific time and place – you’ll experience a unique American landscape with every sip.

5. It is delicious, nuanced and surprising. Fine heritage cider can be crisp or earthy, sweet or dry, citrusy, floral or smoky. It’s a wild and wonderful world that is going through a renaissance. New ciders emerge every season and every year.

There’s simply so much to love.