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Discover our curated selection of hard-to-find, small batch fine, heritage ciders.

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South Hill Cider
Brut Nature 2016
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Meet the thoughtful, passionate and deliberate makers behind some of the best fine, heritage ciders in the US.

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Carr's Ciderhouse
Hadley, MA
Orchard Hill Cider Mill
New Hampton, NY
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Learn how to sip & savor fine cider! Pairing suggestions, how-to-guides, recipes and more!

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Celebrate the Holidays with Heritage Cider

Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of fine, heritage cider! Learn about what makes cider unique, its rich history and how we work.

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A Wine Lover’s Guide to Cider
Small Makers Craft the Finest Cider


Small Makers Craft the Finest Cider

The ciders on Cider in Love may be from brands that you have never heard from… and we like that! Our mission is to be an advocate for fine, heritage cider makers and give them a voice & a platform so that folks - like you - can discover what they have to offer. And what’s that? The most extraordinary ciders you have tasted, hands down.

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About Heritage Cider

The Etsy of Heritage Cider

What is Cider in Love? Well, we're not a traditional e-commerce site, that's for sure. We're like the Etsy of fine, heritage cider. We curate the best cider from small makers around the country. Cider ships from the orchard to your door.

Top 5 Reasons to Love Heritage Cider

Today, fine, heritage cider offers an authentic connection to unique landscapes, with a story that you can experience in a sip.

What is Cider?

What is cider? The best way to find out about cider is to drink it, but a little background knowledge can help.

Cider Tasting Guide

The ultimate interactive guide to learning what you can discover in your cider glass. Don't expect cider to taste just like an apple!

History of Cider

Cider has a rich history in America, from the colonists to Johnny Appleseed...

Apples 101

Apples go way beyond the lunchbox. Get introduced to the wild history and variety of apples.

Cider Myths

Cider is a wild and wonderful world, but often misunderstood. Here are a few of the most common myths that need to be banished... 

Fun Facts About Cider

Cider has been around the block and has the past to prove it... Discover surprising and entertaining kernels about this delightful boozy sip.

About Us

About Us

We're your online curator of fine, heritage cider.

How it Works

What we're all about & how we do it.

Ciders That Ship To Me

Find out which cideries ship to you.


Quick answers to the most common questions.

Shipping & Orders

What you need to know when your cider ships direct from the farm.

How We Got Started

A little bit about the long and winding road to create Cider in Love....

Cider in Love Friends

As they say, it takes a village... get to know some of our favorite supporters.