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Carr's Ciderhouse
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Learn how to sip & savor fine cider! Pairing suggestions, how-to-guides, recipes and more!

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Celebrate the Holidays with Heritage Cider

Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of fine, heritage cider! Learn about what makes cider unique, its rich history and how we work.

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A Wine Lover’s Guide to Cider
Small Makers Craft the Finest Cider

Cider in Love is the online curator of artisanal, heritage ciders that ship direct from the maker to your door. We love bringing you hard-to-find, small batch. If you want learn how we do it, check out How It Works. For specific questions about how we process and ship, please look at Shipping & Orders

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How can I find out if you ship to me?

On every cider product page you will see a list of all the states where the product can legally ship. Or you can filter all of our ciders by your zip code. On the top right of the navigation bar, you will see a “Ship to” field where you can enter your zip code. Once you submit your zip code, only products that can legally ship to your state will be shown as you browse. During the checkout process, we do a double check of your zip code against your order. If there are any ciders that can’t be shipped to you, we will let you know then.

What states do you ship to?

Ciders can ship to California, Colorado, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Oregon, Washington D.C., and Washington State, as of now. And the list is growing! (We expect to add another 5-6 states this summer.) But not all ciders ship to all states.

Why don’t you ship to my state?

Nothing makes us sadder when we can’t ship to you. We know how frustrating this is! Argh. Here’s the situation. Shipping alcohol in the Unites States is complicated, to say the least. If we don’t ship to your state, it’s probably for one of two reasons. There are some states like Alabama that do not allow a producer to ship directly to any consumer in their state. Full stop. Big red line. There are other states that do allow makers to ship direct to consumers but the cost of the permit may be prohibitive or the paperwork required may be burdensome. (Here’s looking at you, New Jersey!) We work with small producers with limited budgets. They maintain permits where they think it makes sense. But the math changes as the market evolves.

Why do some ciders ship to my state and not others?

Good question. The basic answer is shipping alcohol isn’t easy in the United States. Many states require a cider maker to have a special permit to ship to folks in that state. Since every maker on Cider in Love ships directly from their cidery to your door, they make the decision about in which states they want to maintain permits. So there are differences between cideries. Some cideries have permits that others do not. The good news is that we just launched and our partners are getting new permits every week. Keep checking back – our reach will be growing every by the week. We’ll make regular announcements too. If you are there is a cider you really want and can’t get, please tell us! Please email us at and tell us what you want. We’ll share your wish with the cider maker. It may be possible for them to expand their reach. Fingers crossed!

Why is shipping, well... not cheap?

Weight. Cider in bottles is heavy. The other reason is that the cider is made by and ships from small makers and farmers. Unlike Amazon, they can't afford to lose money by offering free shipping on all orders. Each cidery sets their own shipping rates based on their costs (which can be influenced by the fact that their farms are often not in a major shipping hub). To make the shipping costs lower per bottle, order more. The shipping cost of 2 bottles is usually the same as the same as shipping 3. The shipping cost of 8 bottles is usually the same as the same as shipping 12. So might as well enjoy more! These products are incredible, of the highest quality and very hard to find. We promise you that it's worth it!

Why do you need my date of birth for checkout?

We need to verify that anyone who orders cider is 21 years of age or older. In addition, the shipping carrier will require someone 21 years of age or older to sign for your cider upon delivery.

How to do I sign up for the newsletter?

Go to the homepage and scroll down to the bottom. There is a sign-up right there! Our newsletter is the best way to learn about new product releases, exclusive promotions, sneak peeks at limited batch ciders and weekly sip & savor suggestions. Don’t miss out on the fresh press! (Sorry, we can’t help being punny sometimes…).

Need some cider advice?

We would love to help! Please email us at