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Slyboro Ciderhouse
Granville, NY
750ml   8.5% ABV

Slyboro Holiday Cider Trio

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Slyboro Ciderhouse
Granville, NY
750ml   8.5% ABV

Taste Profile

Dry Sweet
Still Sparkling
Notes of Berry, Melon and Tropical Fruit

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Includes: Kingston Black Cider (750 ml), La Sainte Terre Cider (750 ml) & Cherry Harvest Ice Cider (375 ml). Retail value is $67, holiday priced at $58.


Explore the very best of heritage cider, with these three unique bottles from Slyboro Ciderhouse. La Sainte Terre is an opulent cider, made in the methode champenoise, with initial burst of sweetness balanced by a deeper acidity and notes of tropical fruit. Kingston Black is an award-winning, dry & still cider that is juicy, but not sweet, with notes of ripe apples, savory root and umami flavors elevated by very soft tannins. Cherry Harvest is a fan-favorite ice cider infused with Montmorency tart cherries to create a decadent and sweet sip. perfect for the end of a meal.

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A mix of cider-specific and heritage ciders. See each cider's page for details.


Kingston Black pairs well with umami-rich foods, like dumplings. La Sainte Terre is fantastic with creamy cheeses and roasted chicken. Cherry Harvest is the perfect finish to any meal or paired with a sweet indulgence - extra fantastic drizzled over vanilla ice cream.


The perfect gift for the holidays!

Slyboro Ciderhouse

Granville, NY
We approach cider making through the lens of the history around us. Our first apple trees were planted here in the 1880s...
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