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Snowdrift Cider Co.
East Wenatchee, WA
750ml   7.5% ABV

Red Cider

Snowdrift Cider Co.
East Wenatchee, WA
750ml   7.5% ABV

Taste Profile

Dry Sweet
Still Sparkling
Notes of Melon, Berry and Stone Fruit

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A true rose cider, made entirely from red-fleshed apples which gives it a natural rosy hue. Descendants of Kazakhstan’s wild apple forests, these red-fleshed apples radiate brilliant red at peak ripeness before yielding their colorful composition to cider. The pigment-rich apples produce a coral cider that is naturally bursting with flavors of watermelon, strawberries and rhubarb. No added flavors, fruits or colors, just apples through and through.



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Vintage: 2017. Red-fleshed apples


Rich foods like creamy pastas, grilled portabellos, roasted veggies and creamy desserts


If you love fruit flavors, this is the cider for you – amazingly, these apples produce a wealth of familiar red-fruit flavors, such as raspberry, cranberry, strawberry, watermelon, rhubarb and cherry. Each year's crop is different – the apples produce different flavors depending on what the sun and weather gave them to work with. Truly a fascinating cider!

Snowdrift Cider Co.

East Wenatchee, WA
For generations, our family has been raising apples under stunning views of Washington's Cascade Range, enjoying the vast range of flavors from different apple varieties....
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