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Liberty Ciderworks
Spokane, WA
750ml   7% ABV

Columbia Crabapple SV

Liberty Ciderworks
Spokane, WA
750ml   7% ABV

Taste Profile

Dry Sweet
Still Sparkling
Notes of Tropical Fruit, Floral and Honey

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Lovely floral aromas and buttery tropical flavors characterize this unique 100% crabapple cider. This unique, subtly sparkling and semi-dry cider is offered as part of our Reserve Series. It has a long, slow wild-yeast fermentation in stainless steel tanks, is briefly aged on lees and then lightly back-sweetened with artisan honey from Sprague, Washington.

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100% Columbia crabapples, native yeast.


Brie, Camembert or aged cheddar and French bread. Rich cold-weather dishes like cassoulet, duck confit and choucroute.


The unique fermentation of this cider creates its special character. We ferment it for five months using a natural native yeast progression. At the same time, natural malolactic fermentation softens this apple's acidity and contributes buttery notes.

Liberty Ciderworks

Spokane, WA
Located in the largest apple-growing region on the continent, Liberty Ciderworks is all about the apple, showcasing the diversity and wonders of locally grown fruit.
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