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Redbyrd Orchard Cider
Burdett, NY
750ml   10% ABV

Celeste Sur Lie


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Redbyrd Orchard Cider
Burdett, NY
750ml   10% ABV

Taste Profile

Dry Sweet
Still Sparkling
Notes of Berry, Brioche and Tannins

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Celeste Sur Lie is an elegant, dry cider, perfect for a celebration, made in the traditional style, that creates a beautiful helix of endless soft bubbles in your glass and a creamy buttery mouthfeel. It starts with a blend of apples that are ideal for creating a cider with long aging potential. After its primary fermentation, it is aged “sur lie” – that is on yeast lees in the bottle – at least 12 months before being disgorged. In your glass, you will sense aromas of fig, grilled peach, raspberry and leather that lead into a creamy concentrated mid-palate and finishes with soft lingering tannins. Truly, one of a kind.

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A blend of our favorite heirloom, bittersweet and aromatic crabs to balance in flavor and texture, including Dabinett, Yarlingtion Mill, Wickson Crab, Porter's Perfection, Cox's Orange Pippin, Baldwin, Newtown Pippin, Tompkins King, Northern Spy and many more.


Spicy cuisine, like Thai curry. Sharp cheddar, bread and olive oil. Prosciutto.


Very few ciders are aged this long. It is a true labor of love to create a cider that is truly unique.

Redbyrd Orchard Cider

Burdett, NY
Inspired by the wild trees and abandoned orchards in the countryside around our farm, we started our own cider orchard...
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