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South Hill Cider
Trumansburg, NY
750ml   8.5% ABV

Brut Nature 2016


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South Hill Cider
Trumansburg, NY
750ml   8.5% ABV

Taste Profile

Dry Sweet
Still Sparkling
Notes of Lemon, Dill and Mushroom

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An extraordinary cider. Sparkling and subtle, herbal and wild, this is a traditional Methode Champenoise with no dosage and is absolutely dry. Brut Nature is a spectacular showcase of what cider apples can do. The fruit is an assemblage of foraged apples – from abandoned homestead orchards that Steve, the cider maker, has been pruning for years – mixed with European bittersweet varieties grown in a local orchard planted around 20 years ago. Your first sip will be bright with notes of zesty lemon, crisp apple peel and a light floral aroma. Then earthy notes of mushroom, dill and a hint of brioche emerge, balanced by a crisp minerality. While worthy of a special occasion, this is a bottle that can be drunk anytime – and should be.

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Equal parts wild pippins, bittersweet apples, heirloom apples from our next-door neighbor's farm.


Great with pork tenderloin, foie gras and anything with parmesan!


Only 88 cases produced. This cider is bottle-fermented and hand-disgorged. It is a refined and coupled homage to true cider and sustainable agriculture.

South Hill Cider

Trumansburg, NY
We forage wild apples - and grow traditional heirloom cider apples - to produce fine orchard-based ciders that showcase the terroir of the Finger Lakes Region of New York.
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