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750ml   8% ABV

2017 Graviva Semi-Dry Cider

750ml   8% ABV

Taste Profile

Dry Sweet
Still Sparkling
Notes of Stone Fruit, Savory Herbs and Crystallized Sugar

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Pronounced “Gra-VEE-va” as in “Viva la Grav(enstein)!” Graviva is our homage to Sonoma County’s rich apple heritage. 50% Gravensteins, 50% heirloom & tannic apples. Our most versatile and crowd-pleasing cider, an interplay of fruit and funk, with a hint of sweetness. From Wine Spectator: “This golden-hued, savory cider is moderately effervescent and showcases ripe apple and baked apricot flavors that are rich and creamy, with high acid contrasting with straw, lanolin and loam notes on the finish.”



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100% organically grown apples from west Sonoma County. 50% Gravenstein; 50% blend of other organic heirloom and tannic cider apples varieties, including Rome, Golden Delicious, Nehou, and Muscat de Bernay. Residual sugar less than 1%.


Triple crème and aged cheeses, charcuterie plate, pork, crab, salmon


We usually make Graviva from one vintage (harvest) but we tried something different this time around. This is a cuvée from two harvests: Gravensteins from the 2017 harvest (providing the sass-- young ripe apricot and marachino cherry notes) and heirlooms and bittersweets from the 2016 harvest (providing the mass - savory, earthy depth).

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